Five Reasons you need a #momsnightout

With the new arrival of the new movie, Moms Night Out, women across the country will give themselves a great reason to get out, kick back and enjoy few minutes alone.  Not sure the movie is for you? Here I will give you the top five reasons that you need a moms night of your own.

1. You’re reading this post in the closet, where you are pretending to be hiding during the latest round of hide and go seek.

2. You don’t remember the last time you ate a meal that did not require you to cut everyone’s food into bite size pieces, making sure that none of the vegetables touched.

3. You forgot your own anniversary because it was nestled safely between your annual, the kids checkup and the monthly visit to the orthodontist.

4. The last time you weren’t in yoga pants or flip flops was…nevermind.

5. Who am I kidding, you don’t need an excuse for this, you literally have the #worldtoughestjob you’ve earned it.

Five reasons you need a moms night out


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